Kintor Selected into 2018 Suzhou Unicorn Enterprises Breeding Program

//Kintor Selected into 2018 Suzhou Unicorn Enterprises Breeding Program

Kintor Selected into 2018 Suzhou Unicorn Enterprises Breeding Program

Suzhou Leading Talents Federation 2018 Annual Meeting was held on November 11th.  Suzhou Deputy Mayor Lu Chunyun, leaders of Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau and representatives of member enterprises participated in the event. The Suzhou Unicorn Enterprises Breeding Program in 2018, with total 39 enterprises in it, was announced at the meeting. Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Kintor “) was successfully selected into the list after a comprehensive selection procedure including application, expert review, on-site Q&A, credit review, and public summons.

Kintor selected into 2018 Suzhou’s Unicorn Enterprises Breeding Program

The Unicorn Enterprise Breeding Program was launched by Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau (SSTB), in an effort to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy and accelerate the cultivation of unicorn enterprises. In the ‘Notice of Organizing the Selection of 2018 Suzhou Unicorn Breeding Enterprises’ issued on August 16, SSTB required the candidate enterprises to meet several preferential conditions. Apart from basic requirements, the candidate enterprise should also meet the higher standards including operation in strategically emerging, leading industry, in a new economy or with a new business model; stable business operations; strong innovation capabilities; significant innovation achievements; and great potential for future explosive growth. For enterprises that are selected in Suzhou’s Unicorn Enterprise Breeding Program, a series of preferential policies and awards will be granted in accordance with the “Suzhou Unicorn Enterprise Breeding Plan (2018-2022)”, to promote the development of remarkable industries featured by unicorn enterprises.

Suzhou Leading Talents Federation 2018 Annual Meeting

Since its inception in 2009, Kintor has been awarded as several municipal and district-leading titles and was selected into the Suzhou Industrial Park Unicorn Enterprise Breeding Program in June this year, becoming one of the 18 enterprises. The inclusion into Suzhou Unicorn Enterprise Breeding Program is undoubtedly another great encouragement for the company. Dr. Tong Youzhi, Chairman and CEO of Kintor, said: “As a chosen company, Kintor will give full play to the demonstration and leading role of unicorn companies, realize more value in Suzhou, the great land of innovation and entrepreneurship, and establish ourselves as the pioneer enterprise in China’s oncology drugs R&D as early as possible!”

Selected Companies Certified by Suzhou Government Official

About Kintor

Kintor is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of innovative drugs, with a particular focus on prostate, breast and liver cancer. The company’s leading drug candidate, Proxalutamide, is a new generation of androgen receptor inhibitor. Currently, it is in Phase III clinical trial in China and Phase II in US for mCRPC indications, Phase I/Ib in China for AR-positive metastatic breast cancer indications. The company’s R&D pipelines also include “first-in-class” ALK-1 antibodies, PI3K/mTOR kinase targeting inhibitor, Hedgehog/SMO inhibitor, PARP inhibitor. On October 29th, Kintor started the construction of its R&D and manufacturing site, laying a solid foundation for the independent research and development of Kintor.

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