//Kintor Achieved New Milestone – Listed on New Third Board

Kintor Achieved New Milestone – Listed on New Third Board

On December 12, 2016, Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. officially listed on the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Equity Transfer System (“the New Third Board”) as Kintor Pharmaceuticals, securities code: 839419.

Established in 2009 in the Suzhou Industrial Park Bio-Nano Area, Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was led by Dr. Tong Youzhi and Dr. Guo Chuangxin, both are recognized as National “Thousand-Persons Plan” experts. Kintor is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to innovative drug research and development. It has a modern experimental platform and high-quality preclinical and clinical R&D teams that can simultaneously promote the development of several new drug projects.

Kintor Pharmaceutical is committed to R&D of world-class innovative medicines that can be used in the treatment of major diseases and affordable by patients. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on the establishment of an innovative drug R&D platform. The key R&D project is Proxalutamide, the Category 1.1 new drug against prostate cancer and breast cancer. It is currently conducting clinical trials in both China and the United States. It has be supported by various government funding and grants, such as the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan Special Program of “R&D of Major New Drugs”, Jiangsu Science and Technology Support Plan (Social Development) and Suzhou Science and Technology Plan. In 2016, it was awarded the third Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Technology Award “Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Progress Award II”. Kintor Pharmaceuticals was also awarded the title of “China’s Top 50 Investment-Worthy Companies 2015”.

Listing on the “New Third Board” marks a new milestone for Kintor in the growth. In the past years of development, Kintor has successively secured funding from local VCs including Oriza Holdings, Legend Star, Bioventure, and Highlight Capital. It is believed that with the help of the “New Third Board” capital platform, the development of Kintor will go even longer, further, and smoother.

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